“Tracey Levy has been a great blessing to our son and family for the past 2 school years. She is responsive to our son’s needs, flexible in her approach and the ultimate professional. Not only does she have a solid understanding of my son’s occupational and sensory needs, but she also has a deep understanding of other arenas of child development and how they interact with one another. Thus, she works with the ‘whole child’ if you will.  She seamlessly works in a one-on-one capacity but is also effective in the classroom. She has been a valuable member of my child’s team, working with teachers to help them best understand my child’s specific needs as well as providing appropriate classroom accommodations and supports.  Her caring demeanor coupled with her clear acumen are demonstrated in my child’s progress.” – Mother of second grade boy

“This summer, we wanted to start treatment for dysgraphia for my 12 year old daughter.  I contacted several outpatient OT facilities to learn about their treatment approaches.  Sprout was one of the 2 facilities that returned my call.  Beyond that, Tracey took the time to speak with me about some strategies that might be an option for my daughter.  Before we even met up with her, Tracey seemed to have a connection with us. When we came for our initial evaluation, Tracey worked diligently to connect with my somewhat introverted 12 year old and to make her feel really comfortable to work on something that caused her embarrassment.

My daughter worked with Tracey over the summer to improve her awareness of errors she was making in her writing and to learn strategies that she could use at school to improve the quality and quantity of her writing.

This week, one of my daughter’s teachers contacted me to let me know that my daughter was selected to attend a creative writing workshop based on a poem that she wrote and submitted.  Before working with Tracey, I don’t think my daughter would have wanted to try to write something for submission and if she had, her product would not have been nearly as nuanced.  Since my daughter has worked with Tracey, the physical process of writing has become so much easier that she can focus on the creative process instead of the formation of letters.

Before we started working with Tracey, I was concerned that my daughter would be embarrassed or self-conscious about working with an OT, but Tracey went out of her way to make this treatment something that empowered my daughter.” – DM

“Very knowledgeable and caring! If you need someone for an evaluation or continued therapy, I’d highly recommend Sprout OT.” – KW

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